Welcome to Fine Guitar Club! 

About Fine Guitar Club

We wanted to create a place that focussed not only on the guitars, but the customer experience also!
It's our mission to see you have a great experience, from start to finish.

Thank you for choosing Fine Guitar Club as your destination for vintage and classic guitars. We are honoured to be a part of your musical journey and look forward to helping you find the guitar of your dreams.

About our Founder

Founded by Jack Mayall, a professional guitar dealer by trade. Jack owns and runs a high street guitar shop in Conwy, North Wales. 
Jack has sold 1000's of guitars, and continues to, day in day out. 
He started his brick and mortar guitar shop with the intension of going into higher end, american guitars. But quickly realised there was a demand for lots of starter type guitars and he felt an obligation to his local area to provide that service/shop. Helping people get into playing guitar has become another passion of his to say the least. 

Fine Guitar Club was essentially put on hold for years. Until now, Jack has spent some years building up experience and is now happy to offer Fine Guitar Club to the world.